Escaping the Scottish winter for Thailand

January in Edinburgh is our quiet time of year, so we managed a restorative trip to Thailand. But we can’t leave behind our camera, and this time we took our drone too. It gets pretty hot during the day, so playing with the drone was a great excuse to get up before sunrise and enjoy the cooler morning temperatures before anyone else is about.

So we wove it all into a travel diary

Discovering the old Pencaitland railway line

Bikes are a perfect base for movie-making and photography - you see the countryside rolling past at a slow pace that gives you time to notice the telling details, you can stop wherever you like at a moment’s notice, and you can access pathways and routes that cars can’t get down.

Cycling back from Haddington to Edinburgh we came across the old Pencaitland railway line, just as the amazing autumn colours broke out. And because of our bikes we had the drone with us to capture some of that beautiful countryside while we pedalled through it!

Our Portland - Seattle road trip

Portland just blew us away with its hipster lifestyle. It’s like a European city tucked away in the American NorthWest, full of coffee shops and home-brewed beer and kombucha. Last time we were in the US was Houston, Texas for Fotofest, a city built on the motor car. In Portland it seems that everyone cycles or walks, and it’s surrounded by stunning countryside - we were lucky enough to visit during the stunning fall colours. Sylwia’s exhibition was at the Blue Sky Gallery.

So we made a little road trip movie as went went along and headed up from Portland to Seattle. Here it is!