Can you create some aerial cinematography at my wedding?

The short answer is “Yes!” - we have been trained and been issued permission issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate drones commercially, so we are set up to do this legally. There are limitations, so it can’t be done at every wedding - generally not in towns/cities for example, and drone use us always subject to weather conditions, so use of the drone is always at our discretion.

Can you film with Super 8 at our wedding?

Again: “Yes!” We do have to charge extra for this though as Super 8 film is expensive to buy, develop and scan. It’s unlikely to be practical to film the whole wedding on Super 8 because the cost would be prohibitive (though if you don’t mind the cost, then we’re up for it!) but we normally film shorter sections of Super 8 footage to capture the feel and weave that into our footage taken with the latest generation of digital cameras. The two work well together, have a look at our latest samples to get the feel!

How much do you charge?!

If you would like a quote for your wedding, then please get in touch!

Where are you based?

We're lucky enough to live in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, among all that spiky architecture, birthplace of the Harry Potter books, and we like to use what we've been given. All that Scottish scenery! We're happy to travel far into the landscape all in the name of making art.

Will you travel to film our wedding?

Sure. We travel not only throughout Scotland, but throughout the UK, and abroad too, so if you have a destination wedding, or fancy a portrait shoot in let's say Lisbon, we're on for it. Outside Scotland's central belt, we just pass on travel expenses at cost.

Can I have a custom package?

Yes - if the coverage we are offering (eg. preparations until dancing) doesn't fit your day or what you are after, just describe what you would like us to do and we can give you a custom quote.

 Wedding videography in Edinburgh