NB: list for reference purposes only, from She Takes P’s

Are you able to travel abroad?

Is it just you two taking our photographs and filming on the day?

How do you feel about LGBTQ marriages?

Will we meet before the big day?

How long will you shoot for on the day?

What do we receive afterwards?

Can we have the raw footage from the day?

Do you shoot multiple weddings every weekend?

What equipment do you use?

We don’t like posing! Will that be a problem?

What time of day should we get married and have our portraits? Is there a best time, light-wise?

How is the music chosen for the Wedding Film?

[We listen to the music you play throughout your day to get a great sense of what you like, and find music that suits you and the feel of the day. Whilst really popular hits might be a great soundtrack, we don’t believe in using artists’ music without paying them (it’s also illegal to do so!), and famous songs cost many thousands of dollars to license. Instead, we license music from talented emerging artists from around Australia and the world, for a small fee that’s built into the price of the film.]

[There are tonnes of incredible artists out there producing truly awesome music, and you’ll have the knowledge that not only are you directly supporting new talent, but your film’s soundtrack will be unique to you. You won’t associate your wedding film soundtrack with anything other than your day, making it so much more special and personal.]

Do you scout for locations before the wedding?

[If the wedding is taking place somewhere where there aren’t many obvious portrait locations, we may go for a scout a few days before, but this is very rarely necessary. We both find shooting on the fly really exciting; planning a shoot down to each minute makes it feel too structured, and doesn’t allow for the magical little moments that happen when you just go with the flow.]

Do we need to feed you on the day?

[Yes please! All day photography and cinematography takes a tonne of energy, so if you could cater for us and our assistant that would be greatly appreciated.]

Do we need to provide a "shot list" to you?

What happens if it rains on the wedding day?

How soon after the wedding will we receive the film/photo collection?

How do we lock in a booking?

Once we've booked, do we speak to you much before the wedding?