A dash of vintage-look Super 8 + £400

Or perhaps you would like to go in the opposite direction in our time machine, and ask us to shoot some of the footage on film using vintage Super8 cameras. We then arrange for the films to be developed and scanned, and this provides a unique look to your footage. Shooting and editing in Super8 is a very expensive process, but we can provide highlights using film (which is then scanned and provided to you edited into your highlight video), or you can if you like add additional Super8 footage to your package. Give us a budget for how much Super8 film you would like, and we can shoot as much as you like. In addition to the highlights video (and brought cut scans), we will provide you with the original films from your wedding as a keepsake.


Can we shoot the stills and video at the same time?

To do our job properly, at least one of us needs to be able to concentrate on doing video - it is difficult to concentrate on both simultaneously. 

But it is certainly possible for one of us to take stills while the other takes video. You can read more about it here. There are advantages us doing this together rather than separate teams for stills and video - we can help one another and are well used to working slickly together, and the one doing stills will sometimes take video clips and vice versa. Because we have much more to do, greater responsibility and more to achieve than if we are just doing either stills or video, we charge more for doing this than if it is just two of doing either stills or video, but it still works out more economic than employing separate stills and videographers - and we believe we can do a better job, because we can effectively help one another, coordinate, and for example we're used to doing photoshoots together in a way that a separate videographer wouldn't be able to do.